Company News

I have a meeting to make an appointment with you!
tle sea is dressed up and dressed up for you.
You can't miss this FABTECH.
The time is 2017.11.06-09, located in Chicago.
Xiao Hai will bring his "left hand" - sheet metal mold, to meet you.
This is only a small part. You come and show it to you.
The booth number is: C41927, remember to come to me.
[NPE The and Plastics Show] (plastic exhibition)
The time is 2018.05.07-11, and it's in Orlando
Here, I want to tell you loudly that our booth number is S35169-1.
So, are you ready to date me?
We have just received an urgent notice. We will prepare fine gifts for you at the exhibition. First come first served, then finish.
Does it feel like we're great!
I think it would be better for you to come.
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