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Qingdao Higrade s foreign trade road

Higrade was established in 2003 and an American subsidiary was established in 2015. Export to more than 30 countries and regions. From Chairman to project manager and salesperson, you can communicate with customers in English. Rich experience in foreign trade export and cooperation with foreign enterprises.

Over the years, a large number of foreign customers come to factory inspection, our product quality and corporate culture have been recognized and praised by customers.

Recently, American customers came to our factory to conduct factory visits, trial mold inspection and technical discussion.

(customer visits the injection molding room, stamping die assembly workshop)

Customers of our mold processing accuracy and lapping level to give great recognition, personally operated the punch to test the mold.

If you give us a bottle of water, we will give you a spring. Thank you for your trust!

Qingdao Higrade is looking forward to your coming!

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