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Qingdao Higrade One Mid-Autumn Festival One Home

With great expectations and the joy of full harvest, we have ushered in the annual Mid-Autumn festival.

On the night when the moon is shining and the osmanthus is fragrant, the family of Higrade is gathered here.

Higrade Mid-Autumn festival party, the host began in the message.

Mr. Cao from the group delivered a speech on the stage, and together with other leaders of the company gave a toast: happy Mid-Autumn festival, happy family reunion, and wish the party a complete success!

Dance performance

Song -- The clouds of hometown

Song -- This street

Recitation of songs and poems——Crooked moon

Wonderful sichuan spectrum face changing

Fashion Show

Parent-child interaction program

Higrade made a big prize for his family.

 Special prize -- the prize is a 55-inch LCD TV set from hisense

First prize - the prize is one of the advanced tea bar machines

Second prize - the prize is a superior quilt

Third prize -- small appliances

The company caused a small range of fire due to cigarette ends. After the dangerous situation occurred, Li Zhen and MaHengXiang rushed to the site immediately and put out the open fire in time to avoid the unpredictable losses. Special award for this special award!

With you along the way, let's show huayu xiongfeng, let's join hands and create a better future!

Let's get together in December.
Celebrate Higrade's 15th birthday!
We are waiting for you here!


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