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Higrades family set out north!

Travel is a kind of learning, it gives you a pair of baby eyes to see the world, to see different society, let you become tolerant, let you understand different values, let you know better to love, to cherish. Travel allows you to start a new life in a different way, try new things, and rediscover yourself.

Our hearts seem to open as we look at the sea. In this realm, people feel refreshed and relaxed. The sea was high and the waves in the water came to the shore one by one.

Families enjoy traveling to their heart's content!

Reading is a journey of the mind, and traveling is a reading of the mind.

Travel is not a trip, nor is it just a holiday. Travel is a process, a discovery. It's a process of self-discovery, where we see the world and where we see ourselves.


Only one sixth left in 2018!

No vacillation, no idleness, no retreat!

May all the sweat have a harvest, all efforts will not be let down!


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