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The 15th anniversary celebration and award party of Higrade has come to a successful conclusion
Time flies, time flies, fifteen years is only a moment in the long history, but it is so magnificent. Fifteen years, to leave us a heavy responsibility; Fifteen years, witnessed yesterday's comb wind soak up rain; Fifteen years, watching tomorrow's brilliant!
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Higrade awards is kicked off with a stunning performance of encouragement. The passionate encouragement restates the ups and downs of Higrade in the past 15 years. From the establishment of Higrade company in 2003 to the establishment of its American subsidiary in 2015, and then to the 15th anniversary of Higrade's establishment, only "he and she" can understand the sadness and fatigue of Higrade.
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Mr. Lin qi, chairman of the board, made a speech for the party, summarizing the development of the company in 2018, fully affirming the brilliant achievements made by the company over the years, and pointing out that the company still needs to be further improved in the future, and there are still many things to learn modestly. We placed great expectations on us, encourage you to continue to work hard, towards a further goal!
(President Lin delivered a speech)
Years of ups and downs with the vicissitudes of life, so that our company becomes strong and robust; The rise of the company cannot be separated from the old staff and predecessors who work together to create.
The following to the party awards, by the leadership of the company to award prizes and bonuses.
(excellent employee in 2018)
(2018 advanced team)
(excellent manager in 2018)
(advanced department in 2018)
(2018 special contribution award)
(over 5 years and less than 10 years)
(commendation for employees over 10 years)

Lin led the general manager for the family to get up on the night of the blessing wine!

The 15th anniversary celebration of Higrade group -- "create a win-win situation and be grateful to peers" themed party officially begins!
The chorus of plastic products -- love
Dance brought by the group -- fan dance
Poetry recitation brought by the group -- praise of Higrade
Jazz dance brought by metal products -- "fill the dance floor"
The sketch brought by the precision mold -- "interview"
Songs brought by mold products -- "years of friendship"
Song brought by precision mold -- "true hero"
Plastic products brought by the sketch -- "super recruitment"
Song series of mold products
Song from metal products -- "today"
Chorus of mold products -- "the road to dream"
Foreign guests please bring dance - "belly dance"
Higrade offers generous awards to family members. Let's take a look at "who gets what".
1 special prize -- the prize is a huawei mobile phone
Three first prize winners - the prize is a tea bar machine
5 second prize winners - the prize is a cooking machine
Ten third prize winners - the prize is an oven
The 15th anniversary celebration and award party of higrade has come to a successful conclusion.
Wind and rain for 15 years, thank you all the way to support and accompany!
Higrade will surely live up to the expectations and go towards more 15 years.
Wonderful Higrade -- to be continued……

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