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The first English corner in 2019 was successfully held
"An hour in the morning is worth a year in the spring." The trees outside the window quietly germinated, and our English corner activity held in the enthusiasm of everyone is expected. Through multiple tests, on-site interaction and English communication, we found ourselves different and gained unexpected surprises.
"English corner" activities for all interested in English small partner, to provide you with a good atmosphere for learning English, let you fully participate in, feel the charm of English, in dealing with foreign customers more skillfully.
The activity of "English corner" started in manager liu's inspiring words.
In fact, the test answer is in the English corner study group usually shares the material.
By participating in the "English corner" activities, we have a new understanding of their English level, know their strengths and weaknesses, with the direction of the goal to move forward.
"No matter how small the effort multiplied by 365 will be great, no matter how small the decadence multiplied by 365 can break down anyone.
Usually accumulate over a long period of study, a little hard, a little change a day, believe that they will change into a cocoon butterfly. If every day in the mobile phone brush micro blog, doing 70 or 80 years old can do things, that also young why? While still young, the sun is not dry, just the right breeze, point open an English article, listen to an English song, watch an English movie... Set foot on your way of learning English, stick to it, and you will find another brand new yourself!
We will be waiting for you at the "English corner" next season!
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