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Overseas market is still hot under the coronavirus

At the end of last year, serious "new coronavirus" broke out in China; at present, the epidemic control in Shandong Province is developing in a positive direction! Under the premise of comprehensive response and guarantee, Higrade has been in orderly production for 4 weeks.

Faced with the double tests of personnel return and enterprise return to work, Higrade thoroughly disinfects and ventilates the factory, office building, canteen and other places every day, takes the temperature more than three times a day, increases the publicity, supervision and inspection, improves the staff's awareness of epidemic prevention and control, and ensures the successful implementation of epidemic prevention.

While preventing and controlling the epidemic, Higrade will increase production and sales. At present, the first batch of export moulds completed during the epidemic have been successfully shipped! Through the network platform to undertake a large number of overseas orders, including Russia's 1.8 million euro mold orders, Yueda Kia, FAW, Erqi and other automobile mold orders of more than 10 million yuan successfully won the bid.

During the outbreak, through integrating resources, refining processing plans, and adopting network monitoring platform, Higrade ensured the smooth delivery of molds and products from Russia, Turkey, the United States, Japan and other export orders.

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