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The first Higrade fitter skills competition in 2020

    Recently, in order to continuously improve the skill level of the company's employees, the company organized the "first fitter skill competition in 2020", which was successfully held in the mold assembly workshop!


  In the actual practice competition scene, the contestants each have a clear idea, skillfully operate the tools in the hand... Research and match the voice one after another, the atmosphere is tense and intense.

(on-site supervision of quality department)  


During the competition, the group, Mr. Zhao, came to the scene to watch and learn about the competition. At the same time, the relevant departments are required to seriously organize quality supervision, site environment maintenance, carefully do a good job in skill competition, constantly summarize experience, optimize the scoring standard, extract typical cases, solidify best practice!

(on-site guidance from general manager zhao of the group)


 After several days of fierce competition, the dust of the awards fell to the ground. One first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes were decided in the competition. Finally, gong qinlong won the "crown" with a high score.

               (no. 1: gong qinlong)

            (no.2: wang guoliang, zhao minjie)

    (no.3: wu zhangwei, li haihua, ni longtao, li shuangjiang)


  After the award, general manager zhao of the group made a speech: first of all, congratulations to the winning fitter, comments on the performance of the competition, emphasizing the importance of preparation in advance, to pay special attention to the quality of research and distribution, not only the pursuit of speed, ignore the accuracy and quality; The goal of fitter should be much, fast, good, save!

       (general manager zhao of the group gives a speech)

  This skill competition not only improves the overall technical level of fitters, but also stimulates the fitters' enthusiasm for learning and studying technology, creating a good platform for improving the skills of employees!

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