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Car spoiler
Car spoiler

Car spoiler

Automotive spoiler has blow molding, single-layer plate injection molding, double-layer plate injection + welding molding, three.
 I. blow molding spoiler:      

The molding process is simple, but there are many working procedures, including blow molding, drilling, adding dust, polishing and painting.                             

 Advantages:simple product structure, low mold cost.                                                    

Disadvantages: high reject rate, high cost, poor appearance quality.
Ii. Single-layer injection molding spoiler:

 Process: injection - spraying - assembly.

Advantages: light weight, low cost, lightweight.                                                            

Shortcoming is: modelling compares onefold.  

Iii. Double-layer plate injection + welded spoiler:

At present, double-layer plate injection + welded spoiler is widely used in passenger cars, MPV and SUV.                     

Process: injection - welding - spraying - assembly.

Advantage is: modelling can changeful, outside look and feel that quality is better.                                                          

Disadvantages: this process needs to add a vibration friction welding equipment and a welding fixture, the equipment input is large, the single cost is high, the product weight is heavy.

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